Even if the world did end, five is too many men to handle. Isn’t it?

After the Final War, I’ve been doing just fine. I have a lovely cave, a darling vegetable patch, forest views . . . and if loneliness sometimes squeezes my aching heart, well, my books have always kept me company.

That is, until a pack of men chase me from my home and right into the arms of several rather large, brutish ex-Army Rangers. And those brutes have the nerve to make me the rudest offer I’ve ever heard.

Their protection—for my body.

The whole thing is absurd. Scandalous. Perverted, even. I mean, just the thought of doing that with five men, well, it’s . . . it’s . . .

I take the deal.

Okay, so it’s possible I find them indecently tempting. But these men also have secrets and histories so fraught with emotion, I’m not sure how I can untangle them all. Or whether they’ll let me.

No, my brutes have made it excruciatingly clear where they think I belong—beneath them, between them, bent over backwards for them . . . but certainly not beside them.

And I don’t think that’s going to work for me

Important Information

The Brutes of Bristlebrook is a red-hot reverse harem romance trilogy, meaning Eden will end up with three or more love interests after I’ve appropriately obliterated my readers’ nerves.

Expect complex characters, shifting 1st person POVs, lots of laughs, M/M within the harem, and to encounter material that readers may find sensitive. Please see the content warnings for more information.

Available now on Kindle Unlimited, as well as for eBook and paperback purchase!

This is book 1 of 3 in the series. Book 2 has been released and book 3 is coming ASAP in 2024. Join my newsletter for release updates!

  • RH
  • M/M
  • BDSM
  • End of the world
  • Repressed FMC gets world rocked
  • Mature characters (aged 27-42)
  • Found family
  • Bromance
  • Fast burn spice, slow burn romance
  • Grumpy/sunshine
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Forbidden love
  • The Deal
  • Alpha hero
  • Military men
  • They give her cheese
  • Hero sh*t
  • BDSM (praise, light degradation, light primal, sadism, masochism, CNC, exhibitionism)
  • Patient/psychologist relationship (after professional relationship has ended)
  • Discussion and fallout of war and drone strikes (the cause of the apocalypse scenario)
  • Survival situations and food shortages
  • Brief initial threat of rape (not by MMCs)
  • Very brief suicidal ideation
  • On-page violence and death
  • Explicit language
  • Multiple explicit sex scenes
  • Cliffhanger

She takes a deep breath and smiles up at me nervously, and I'm distracted by the curve of her breasts. The trepidatious quaver of her lips. By all that's holy, she's the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

There’s a threat in his words, a warning, and that tone from him is like the bell for Pavlov’s dogs. I’m so hard I hurt. I ache. But I’m used to aching for Jasper.

He squeezes the hand at my core, and I whimper, but don’t move. Don’t move even though I desperately need him to touch me properly. My body throbs, begging to be filled. I’m not the type of person who often makes demands, but I want to demand now. Or beg. I’ll crawl naked across the floor to him if he only promises to touch me.

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