These men killed mine, and for that, they have to die
Bristlebrook is up in smoke, my brutes are dead, and Sam’s camp is a powder keg begging for a flame.
Injured and furious over their losses, the surviving hunters are preoccupied with their own problems. Their factions and allegiances. Their internal wars and pissing contests. The new world they want to forge. They don’t look twice at their meek little captive.
They shattered my heart five ways when they killed my brutes, so I don’t care anymore. If I’m to stop the villains, I need to become one.
I need to be smart. I need to be ruthless.
Even if it means razing myself to the ground to do it . . .
We’re bringing her home, or we’re not coming home
They took our librarian from right under our noses—and with Lucky injured, Bristlebrook in flames, and our personal problems finally spilling over, we’re fracturing.
But we need to be better.
Bringing Eden home is the most important mission of our lives.
Followed closely by the second most important . . . building her a home worth returning to.

Important Information

The Brutes of Bristlebrook is a red-hot reverse harem romance trilogy, meaning Eden will end up with three or more love interests after I’ve appropriately obliterated my readers’ nerves. 

Expect complex characters, shifting 1st person POVs, lots of laughs, M/M within the harem, and to encounter material that readers may find sensitive. 

This book is large at 180k words, and quite dark, but I promise it does get brighter and warmer as the book goes on (barring the cliffhanger). That said, I do really want to flag that this book is darker than book 1. 

I see book 1 as an introduction to our characters and the world, where we see the cracks in everyone’s relationships. In book 2, they crack wide open. This book is a breaking apart and breaking down, and trauma and mental health is a big theme in this book – please take these warnings seriously and take care of yourself. 💞
This book contains mature subject matter and is intended for mature audiences only. Here is a list of trigger and content warnings for this book. I’ve tried to be as extensive and specific as possible, but please do contact me via email at or on social media if you feel I’ve missed anything at all.
Your mental health matters. 🫶 
  • RH
  • M/M
  • BDSM
  • End of the world
  • Repressed FMC gets world rocked
  • Mature characters (aged 27-42)
  • Found family
  • Bromance
  • Fast burn spice, slow burn romance
  • Grumpy/sunshine
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Forbidden love
  • The Deal
  • Alpha hero
  • Military men
  • They give her cheese
  • Hero sh*t
  • BDSM (praise, degradation incl. name calling, light humiliation, medical kink, role play, cum play, anal, anal play and anal training, impact play, light CNC, primal, sadism, masochism)
  • Kidnapping and captivity
  • Loss of a partner (off page, not MMCs)
  • Jealousy inside and outside the harem – but NO cheating
  • Death of a child (off page, during apocalypse raid)
  • Physical abuse (including beatings of FMC not by MMCs and also beatings of side characters, restraints, food deprivation, and intimidation)
  • Allusions to rape and sexual assault (that occurs off page, not by or to main characters)
  • Sexual harassment (including the threat of rape and sexual assault, not by MMCs)
  • Patient/psychologist relationship (after professional relationship has ended)
  • Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dealing with trauma (no self-harm)
  • References to untreated and undiagnosed mental health issues
  • Sick kids needing treatment
  • Multiple very explicit sex scenes
  • On-page violence and death (including battle scenes, hangings, an attack on a hospital, explosives, gun violence . . . and references to a snake pit)
  • Explicit language
  • Discussion and world fallout of war, bombings, and drone strikes
  • Food shortages and deprivation, including concerns of starvation
  • Cliffhanger

There is something tragically lovely in an unsatisfied woman. You’re quivering right now, do you know? So full of unspent need. It’s a siren call for men like us. To taste it. To spend it. To waste all that gorgeous lust on our vile perversions.

I shove up out of my crouch. “Stop, Jayk. God damn it. We need a plan first.” Jayk flips me off from behind. “Fuck shit up, get the girl. Plan done.”

A raw, pained sound empties out of me, and a hundred moments play in my head—all the times my hand was beaten for reaching, and wanting was called grasping, all the moments I was told to lower my eyes instead of lifting my chin. How they somehow made me less, and never more.

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