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See below for the blurbs, tropes and trigger warnings for each episode of Day Death.

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Episode one - Jaykob

I can’t fucking take any more quiet. It gets under my skin, it makes me feel wrong, and after coming back from deployment again, I can’t face my empty ass trailer for one more night.

I need to go to Darkside. I need to hunt. 

And maybe if I’m real lucky, this kink club might help me shake this feeling that something is about to go really, really wrong.

  • BDSM (dominant, submissive, primal hunt, bondage, CNC, degradation, mishandling aftercare)
  • End of the world
  • Bromance
  • Adult characters (aged 26-42)
  • Found family
  • Alpha hero
  • Military men
  • Poor boy/rich girl
  • BDSM (dominant, submissive, CNC, primal hunt, bondage, degradation)
  • Discussions of war, bombings, and political tensions
  • Explicit sex
  • Explicit language
  • Allusions to poverty
  • Allusions to PTSD and mental health concerns

Episode TWO - Dominic

“Cry about it. You get to.”

One call. One news report. Total annihilation.

With news that dozens of key locations across the US have been wiped, and with little information on what to do next, the dungeons of Darkside are in chaos—and its members are on the brink of plunging themselves headfirst into a firestorm.

I need to protect them, but we urgently need to get back to base if we’re going to have any hope at all of fighting back. 

The members. My duty. I know I need to make a choice. But goddamn it, I can only think of one thing…

Where the hell is Beau?

  • End of the world
  • Bromance
  • Adult characters (aged 26-42)
  • Found family
  • Alpha hero
  • Military men
  • Discussions of war, bombings, and political tensions
  • Explicit language
  • Allusions to PTSD and mental health issues
  • Death of family members (receiving the news) in the bombings
  • Death of friends in bombings
  • References to destruction of real-life locations in bombings
  • Mob violence and looting
  • Discussions of BDSM and BDSM dynamics

Here is the one place I can let loose without it being a “problem.” Out here, I’m not a fuck up. Out here, my skin fits right. I can focus on what I’m made to do. And I was made to hunt. To find. To fuck.

I feel her wetness coating my balls. The heat of her is everywhere. She still smells too fancy, and I rub her hair into the dirt, getting some fucked up pleasure out of bringing her down into the grime with me. Making her be real.

Should I cuddle her? I don’t usually bother unless they ask, and it’s usually an awkward experience for both of us. But that’s what people do, right? It’s like flirting or whatever.

Need More?

Have you read Day Death and you’re looking for more? 

Ensnared is book 1 of the Brutes of Bristlebrook, and if your heart is hurting for our guys, then this is the perfect remedy to bandage it back up (Beaumont approved!).

Meet Eden, the prim and proper librarian, get her post-apocalyptic world absolutely rocked, and our Brutes have theirs tilted on its axis. They are in no way prepared for her, and are about to learn the true meaning of survival tip #336. 

“Never underestimate the bravery of a woman who looks at you with stars in her eyes.”

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