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Rebecca Quinn

Quinnky author of reverse harem lovesmut

After spending her career publishing other writers’ wonderful words, Rebecca Quinn decided to unleash her own. Turns out, she’s a little debauched. Rebecca loves writing inclusive, character-driven reverse harem romance with heart, humor and kinky heat—or romance with bromance, as she calls it.

Rebecca spends her days cuddling her young son and her fiancé, getting far too invested in her ND campaigns, playing board games with friends and family, and—of course—reading as many novels as she can get her grabby little hands on.

If you want to join the madness, come and get Quinnky on Rebecca’s Instagram and TikTok (both @rebeccaquinnauthor), and come play in her private Facebook group (Rebecca’s Quinnksters).


The world may have ended,
but for Eden it’s only just begun . .

After the Final War, I have been doing just fine. I have a lovely cave, a darling vegetable patch, forest views . . . and if loneliness sometimes squeezes my aching heart, well, my books have always kept me company.

  • The Brutes of Bristlebrook – Out July 2023

  • The Brutes of Bristlebrook – Out early 2024

  • The Brutes of Brislebrook – Out mid 2024


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I tried to regain control of my thoughts. i have always been so good at thinking
How did he short-circuit my brain with his tongue.

Rebecca Quinn
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There’s a threat in his words, a warning, and that tone form him is like the bell for pavlov’s dog. iam so hard i hurt. i ache. but i am used to aching for jasper.

  • ENSNARED Brutes of Bristlebrook

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