How to explain what it feels like to freefall into darkness with someone . . . 

Knowing they’ll save you and punish you for the privilege all at once . . . 

Strap into your climbing gear and get a glimpse into the head of Jasper, the sexy sadist himself. When Lucky nearly gets himself killed in a stupid bet, Jasper decides that one very . . . spicy . . . lesson is in order.

But can he keep his own heart from falling as he delivers it?

As a finalist in the Spicy Bites competition run by the fantastic Romance Writes of Australia, Rebecca is thrilled to be part of this silky smooth short story anthology that will definitely make you sweat. 

If you’ve read Ensnared, you might just recognize a few favorite characters in Freefall. This short story acts as a prequel to the Brutes of Bristlebrook series and can be read by new and old readers of the world alike. 

Important Information

Freefall is a spicy M/M romance short story, but even 5000 words can contain elements that some readers may find triggering, so please make sure you check out the tropes and content warnings to make sure it’s a good fit for you. And if it’s just your brand of devilish delight . . . then I hope you have fun!

  • Sadism
  • Masochism
  • M/M
  • Flogging
  • Figging
  • Near-death epiphany
  • Ex-Patient/ex-Psychologist relationship
  • BDSM (praise, light degradation, sadism, masochism, light impact play, figging)
  • ex-patient/ex-psychologist relationship (after professional relationship has ended)
  • Explicit sex scene
  • Explicit language
  • Rock climbing near fall

I don’t want to wreck it,” he tells me, his eyes glowing with unshed tears. “You’re so gorgeous, Jasper. It hurts. You hurt.

Dominic passes me the rope to Lucien’s harness. It scrapes across my palm, sending my thoughts spiralling into dungeons and devilish things.

That merciless dimple shines like a single star in his left cheek, and the water has turned strands of his hair to a deep gold. They cling about his head like a crown. He’s distressingly beautiful.

Bonus Content

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I mean, who doesn’t want to see six hearts shatter forever . . . 

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